Galvanised Drinker (2 gallon)

North Somerset Collection ONLY

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This extra large capacity drinker is made from galvanised metal which will last decades. Unlike plastic drinkers, this will not go brittle with age. Its manufactured with heavy duty steel and then ‘hot dipped’ to prolong it’s life. Easy to fill with a handle that can be used to carry the drinker or suspend it. The only downside to these is that they can’t be used with Apple Cider Vinegar as it reacts with the metal but they are completely safe to use with all the tonics we sell. Please bear in mind that hens can drink a pint of water a day in hot weather making this very useful! A large drinker like this can be used with a large feeder and an automated coop door to allow your hens to be safely left for a weekend.

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